Birth of Randal Mataji

Randal Mataji is the Daughter of Lord Vishwakarma. As Randal Mataji grew older, Lord Suryanarayan caught a glimpse of her and wanted to marry her. He went directly to her father Lord Vishwakarma and placed a proposal of marriage. But Lord Vishwakarma strongly rejected the proposal. But Lord Suryanaryan would not give up.

The Marriage

The Mother of Randal Mataji once went to the house of Lord Suryanarayan to borrow a backing plate made of clay. Lord Suryanarayan’s mother gave the plate on a condition that it should not break. If the plate breaks she will demand the hand of her daughter for her son Lord Suryanarayan.

Lord Suryanarayan took advantage of this condition. Whilst the mother of Randal Mataji was carrying the plate on her horse, Lord Suryanarayan made two bulls fight in her way. Somehow the plate fell and broke. As per the promise Randal Mataji’s mother had to marry her daughter to Lord Suryanarayan.

After Marriage

Randal Mataji gave birth to a son (Yamraj) and a daughter (Yamunaji). Due to the extreme sun rays of Suryanarayan Randal Mataji wasn’t able to look at him. Lord Suryanarayan doubted that Randal Mataji was proud of her beauty and just because of that she was not looking towards him. Hence, He cursed that her children (Yamraj and Yamunaji) will suffer by roaming in the jungle.
Due to this curse of Lord Suryanarayan, Randal Mataji replaced herself with her shadow-image, to take care of Lord Suryanarayan and she went to her father’s place. When Vishwakarma asked Randal Mataji what she was doing back home, she replied that she had left her husband, Lord Suryanarayan.  Vishwakarma didn’t support her, and said that; after marriage daughter’s right place is at her husband’s house. Randal Mataji left her father’s house and went into jungle instead. She decided to sit and perform “Tap” meaning a prayer consisting of no food and no water. Randal Mataji prayed for 14,000 years. [One day of her prayer is about 1 year of ours].


Tap in Jungle

Randal Mataji had now no other way since she can’t go to her husband and her father also won’t let her to live there. So her only option was to go to jungle and do Tap. Meanwhile Mataji’s shadow-image, which she left with Lord Suryanarayan gave birth to two children (Sanidev and Tapidevi). Yamraj and Sanidev had a quarrel, so Sanidev’s mother gave curse to Yamraj that he will bleed whenever, he willput his feet on land. In the evening, when Lord Suryanarayan came back, Yamraj told him that his mother gave him a curse that he will bleed whenever he will put his feet on land.
Lord Suryanarayan made Yamraj well, but Lord Suryanarayan felt that a mother wouldn’t give curse to her children and even if she gives; her children would not suffer. For this reason, he felt that something is wrong. He called shadow-image of Randal Mataji and asked what the truth was. The shadow-image was going on telling that she is Randal Mataji. Lord Suryanarayan was not agreeing to accept this and strongly asked to be told the truth else he would burn her to ashes. Due to this she had to tell the truth. After Lord Suryanarayan found out the truth he decided to enquire about Randal Mataji’s whereabouts at Lord Vishwakarma’s house. But Vishwakarma said that Randal Mataji left his house and no idea where she was.
After so many enquiries, no one was able to answer about where Randal Mataji was. Lord Suryanarayan took meditation and saw where Randal Mataji was. He converted himself into a horse and went to place where Randal Mataji was praying. He broke her prayer and asked the reason behind the prayer. She answered that she was not able to look at him due to his shine. Suryanarayan was surprised to hear this, so he dimmed his shine.
He gave his one quarter shine to different places. He divided his shine to four different places equally.


They are: –

  • Trident (a three-pointed weapon) of Lord Shiva
  • Sudarshan chakra of Lord Vishnu
  • Cow
  • Earth

The return of Mataji from Jungle

During that period, Randal Mataji gave birth to two more children called Ashwini kumars. Ashwini kumars were the Ayurvedic Doctor of gods.
Lord Suryanarayan brought Randal Mataji back to his house. At that time the shadow-image of Randal Mataji asked the actual real Mataji to do something for her in return for the favour she carried out. Randal Mataji gave promise to her that when any person will do ‘Lotas’ (a rituals done by Hindus after fulfilling their hopes) will always be in pairs, i.e. one for Randal Mataji and one for her shadow-image. Lord Suryanarayan promised that during ‘Lotas’ he would be there in the form of a horse. Unless and until the activity called ‘Ghoro Khundavo’ is not completed the ritual of ‘Lotas’ is not fullfilled.
Lord Suryanarayan asked Randal Mataji to go to ‘Mrityu Lok’ (earth) and rescue the lives of people from anti-social elements and show them the path of religion and truth.