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Randal Mataji Temples 
Randal MaaShree Ravi Randal Mandir, one of the historical and religious centers in Gujarat, is situated about 85 km from Rajkot in south Gujarat. The temple of Ravi Randal Mataji, the daughter of Lord Vishwakarma, is more than 1,100 years old. 3000 to 4000 visitors arrive every month at Randal Na Dadva to express their devotion towards Ravi Randal Mataji.
The goddess, benevolent by nature, is believed to grant the wishes of her devotees. There are many different religious and social activities such as Mataji Na Lota, Batuk Bhojan, Navratri, Havan, Samuh Lagan, Gaushala, Lok Diaro, and Bhet.


Randal Maa Temple
Shree Ravi Randal Mataji and Suryadev mandir near Bagvadar