Why do we say Shanti thrice?

Shanti, meaning “peace”, is a natural state of being.

Disturbances are created either by others or us. For example, peace already exists in a place until someone makes noise. Therefore, peace underlies all our agitations. When agitations end, peace is naturally experienced since it was already there.

Where there is peace, there is happiness. Therefore, everyone without exception desires peace in his/her life. However, peace within or without seems very hard to attain because it is covered by our own agitations.

A rare few manage to remain peaceful within even in the midst of external agitation and troubles. To invoke peace, we chant prayers. By chanting prayers, troubles end and peace is experienced internally, irrespective of the external disturbances.

All such prayers end by chanting Shanti thrice.

We chant Shanti thrice to emphasize our intense desire for peace.

All obstacles, problems, and sorrows can be resolved.