Why we do Yagya, Yagna?

VVedic yagyas (other name yajna, yagna) are performed to create positive effects and avoid unwanted effects in the different areas of life of individuals and nations and to have the best possible nature support. Many people use the yagna or yajna words instead of yagya, the meaning of it is the same.

We use the Vedic word because yagyas are based on the knowledge of the ancient saints of Vedic tradition. Vedic yagyas are done by specially trained Vedic pandits, who are the experts of Vedic ceremonies, performances, and who live their lives’ according to the rules of Vedic tradition.

Yagnas, yajnas are performed through the recitation of sound or Vedic mantras to reach certain of the result. This is Vedic music, Vedic vibration. It is possible to use them as prevention but it is also possible to use them for promoting the different areas of life.

The benefits of the yagya reigning are the Vedic health, wealth, harmony and evolution.